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The Taylors - 2000 Quilted Maple Taylor 615-CE

Readers familiar with the Taylor model naming will immediately note that, while the model designation of this guitar indicates it has both a cutaway and on-board electronics (CE suffix), in actuality, it has neither. Apparently, this is not that unusual to have the label indicate options that are not physically present on the guitar. However, it is one additional feature of this guitar to note from the beginning. Also of note, the initial picture below makes it look like there is a blemish on the upper bout's bottom side finish; there is not. I had the previous owner send several more pictures due to this optical illusion and only after I was convinced there was no damage/blemish did we close the deal... and I'm glad I did!

This 615, made in 2000, is essentially the "big sister" to the quilted 610 shown elsewhere. It is pure art with its highly figured back and sides and has a very punchy tone. I freely admit that I bought it purely for its appearance and was delighted to find that it had tone and projection to match. At the same time, I must admit that I rarely play it due to not wanting to nick or scratch any part of its pristine surface. I feel conflicted about this... but I'll survive...

The specifications for this guitar may or may not be listed on the Taylor Guitars website under the Jumbo style of guitar; since they no longer make 6-strings in this style you would have to consult the 12-string section for the body dimensions, etc. (17 inches wide at the lower bout). The back and sides are made of highly quilted maple which has been stained to accentuate the beauty of the wood. The top is Sitka spruce and the neck is made from a single piece of mahogany. The fret markers are standard, 600-series inlays as is the headstock inlay. As mentioned above, there are no electronics in this instrument, regardless of the model designation on the label.

This is an absolutely stunning guitar in mint condition. It has that pure, maple-body sound that cuts through other accompanyment when necessary and is suitable to both flat-picking and fingerstyle playing. It is a piece of functional art and one of my prized guitars.

And now for the pictures (click to enlarge):

2000 Taylor 615 Collage 2000 Taylor 615 Back 2000 Taylor 615 Back 2000 Taylor 615 Side 2000 Taylor 615 Upper Bout Side 2000 Taylor 615 Upper Bout Side 2000 Taylor 615 Upper Bout Side 2000 Taylor 615 Neck Joint 2000 Taylor 615 Neck Joint 2000 Taylor 615 Side 2000 Taylor 615 Upper Bout Side

The guitar came in the original Taylor hardshell case which is in mint condition as well.

So concludes the presentation of my 2000 Taylor 615-CE guitar. Feel free to contact me with any questions and/or comments. *8o)

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