The Taylor Guitars - 1997 Taylor 610

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The Taylors - 1997 Taylor 610 (Quilted)

The Taylor 610 pictured below is the first quilted maple guitar I ever saw. It was purchased from an individual who had to sell it to fund his purchase of a more suitable instrument. It was originally purchased from The Mandolin Brothers shop in NYC and had been special-ordered from the factory. The specifications are all standard Taylor 610 model, with the orange stain in the finish to give it more depth in the quilted maple back and sides. The top is sitka spruce and the neck is 1-11/16 inches at the nut. The action is set fairly low on this guitar, which is my preference since I do not tend to flat-pick to any great extent. I added a Fishman Natural I pickup system (undersaddle) to the guitar after I bought it and now it sounds great both amplified and acoustically. While the pictures speak pretty well for themselves, I have to say that they do not represent the magnificence of the quilted maple accurately; this is truly a piece of functional art. One of my favorites in terms of visual pleasure...

And now for the pictures (click to enlarge):

1997 Taylor 610 Top 1997 Taylor 610 Top 1997 Taylor 610 Lower Bout 1997 Taylor 610 Neck & Label 1997 Taylor 610 Back 1997 Taylor 610 Back 1997 Taylor 610 Side 1997 Taylor 610 Top Side 1997 Taylor 610 Back of Neck 1997 Taylor 610 Back of Headstock 1997 Taylor 610 Headstock 1997 Taylor 610 Body 1997 Taylor 610 Back 1997 Taylor 610 Case - open 1997 Taylor 610 Case - closed

The guitar orginally came in a Taylor SKB case, which is more protective, some say, than the standard plywood hardshell cases. I have since acquired a mint condition, standard, 1997 Taylor hardshell case to fit this 610 as I feel it is more appropriate for a guitar this beautiful. This way, I have a case for either purpose.

So concludes the presentation of my 1995 Taylor 610. Feel free to contact me with any questions and/or comments. *8o)

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