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Welcome to our NC home renovations page ... if this is not where you intended to go, you still have time to get out now...

As you can see, this is a "work in progress" page so I hope you'll forgive the mess. We are now in the final stages of most of our renovation projects so I now have some time to put this together for our friends and family who have expressed interest in what we have been doing this summer.

This year we decided to redo the kitchen and screen in part of the deck to keep out most of the bugs and some of the pollen, etc. in order to enjoy the use of the porch more. The kitchen makeover involved replacing the flooring, appliances, cabinets and lighting (that's all, to quote Rocky)... So, I got to thinking about how I might make use of some of the "old" cabinetry rather than demolishing or donating them and decided to use most of it in the studio to replace all the metal shelving that was currently holding all my "stuff". This turned into another project in itself...

Each of these projects is addressed separately in order, by date, in order to give you a sense of the amount of time (both elapse and effort) taken to prepare and complete the project. I'll give you a hint - it was a LOT longer than we had hoped... Here we go!

Kitchen Renovations

Probably the main project of interest is the kitchen so you can view all the lurid details here.

Porch Renovations

Initially, we decided to add a small extention onto the porch in the spring of 2014 to give us an area that would get some (sort of) early morning sun. This update has been included with the latest renovations of screening in the center section and can be viewed here.

So now the house looks slightly different - sort of like this!

Studio Renovations

This section provides the progress of the updates made to the studio. These would include the replacement of the furnace (and A/C system) which was also updated this year (2015). The ongoing studio remodelling project can be viewed here.

Following all of the above work on the house we decided it was time to convert the wood-burning fireplace to propane so that morning and evening fires could be enjoyed with the click of a remote without requiring a trip into the woods to get firewood, followed by the smoke of the early fire and the enevitable "clean-up" after the fire finally became fully extinguished (the next morning or so). This required propane to be delivered via piping and conduit to the fireplace somehow. In discussing how this could be acheived with the propane supplier it became obvious to me that an additional line could easily be provided to a ventless propane stove located in the unheated basement studio; this would enable it to be used in comfort during the winter months instead of having to dress in multiple layers of sweaters and socks! So that's exactly what we did! The procedure and eventual results can be seen in the following series of pictures and captions.

The delivery system: outdoor piping & conduit

The fireplace logs and studio stove:

That's about it for the renovation activity for a while; as always, you can send your comments and suggestions (maybe other, related links I might enjoy) to the address below... Have fun and stay tuned!


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