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The Origins of Chicken-Fried Possum

Welcome to Chicken-Fried Possum's online presence! This page is provided as both a source of historical information by the aforementioned musical group and a calendar of events for the current/coming year. It is anticipated very few will read its contents, but there you have it...

2018 Appearances

  • Jan 13, 7:30-9:30pm Flat Rock CiderWorks, Main Street, Hendersonville, NC
  • Feb 17, 7:30-9:30pm Flat Rock CiderWorks, Main Street, Hendersonville, NC
  • Jun 28, 6:00-9:00pm Wine Down On Main, Main Street, Brevard, NC
  • Jul 28, 7:00-10:00pm Peaks & Creeks, Brevard, NC
  • Aug 24, 6:00-9:00pm Wine Down On Main, Main Street, Brevard, NC
  • Sep 1, 9:00-12:00pm Transylvania Farmers' Market, Brevard, NC
  • Sep 15, 9:00-12:00pm Transylvania Farmers' Market, Brevard, NC
  • Sep 29, 6:00-9:00pm Wine Down On Main, Main Street, Brevard, NC
  • Oct 26, 6:00-9:00pm Wine Down On Main, Main Street, Brevard, NC


    The primary purpose of this page, as stated above, is two-fold: it provides the explanation of how the band members met and came to be "the Possum" and it provides information regarding the live shows that are scheduled around the town and county. As are current performance schedule has already been listed above, we may as well cover the history lesson - here goes...

    One day in April, 2015, I was playing a benefit gig for the local women's shelter here in Brevard as part of the group The Celtic Conspiracy and after we were done and packed up the next performer began setting up. It was a banjo-player who was going to do a set by himself so I asked if he'd like someone to sit in with him for a few tunes and play guitar accompaniment to his banjo lead. He agreed that that would be a nice addition so we started comparing tunes that we might both know and decided we might be good for a few at least. Well, after about 10 I had to get home but we both had a great time and he asked if I wanted to do it again some time and I said, "Sure!" - and that's how I met Bradford Carson and we formed a loose musical partnership. It's lasted now for almost a full year and hasn't shown any signs of wear yet...

    When the question came up about how we should be billed, I suggested the band name that my wife, Rocky, had suggested some time ago as an old-time/new-grass band name - Chicken-Fried Possum; and it stuck! At this point we'd like to extend a huge "Thank You!" to Heidi Witmer for taking our concept of a possible logo and turning it into the work of art you see above - job well done!!!

    Well, kiddies, there you have it in a nutshell - the true, untold story of how the group met and how name came to be. Not too exciting, really, but factual, if nothing else...

    Current Projects

    Second CD Recording - 2017

    We are currently working on our second CD, preliminarily titled Second Helping, and hope to have it available late this year. It looks like it will be much like the first CD but with some interesting additions in terms of musical content. No, there will be no orchestras or celebrity guest musicians, just straight-ahead duo "Modern Mountain Music"; we think you'll find it fun and enjoyable. More on this as it develops...


    T-Shirt Front T-Shirt Back

    We had some T-shirts made to commemorate our first CD, Them's Good Eatin'!, and it seems that they have arrived before the first production run of the CD has! Well, the best laid plans of mice and men... and all that - it is what it is. These are quality T-shirts with the handsome logo on the front and simply the CD title on the back. Only a limited run of sizes M, L and XL was made so get your order in quickly (email address at bottom of this page) or catch us at our next local gig to get yours! Soon to be collectors' items (or not...) so hurry!!! A bargain at only $20. Yes, we still have a few in each size available!!!

    And we're starting to get photos of the CFP T-shirts around the globe - here's one from Jonesboro, TN on Don Burger! Send us a photo of yours on the road!

    T-Shirts on the road in Jonesboro, TN

    Recording Projects, etc.

    Lately, we've been talking about how some samples of our playing might assist us in convincing club/pub owners that we might be a good fit for their patrons' listening enjoyment. To this end we've decided that we should put together a "sampler" of some of the tunes that give a good representation or cross-section of the types of music we currently play. So, at this point, we've decided that this CD might include some of the following tunes - give the clips a listen and let us know what you think!

    Arkansas Traveler Arkansas Traveler - Traditional Old-Time Tune"

    Beaumont Rag Beaumont Rag - Traditional Old-Time Tune"

    Carolina Spring Carolina Spring - Original "modern mountain" banjo tune written by Bradford Carson

    Cluck Old Hen Cluck Old Hen - Traditional, old-time tune

    Cold Frosty Morning Cold Frosty Morning - Traditional, old-time tune

    Fly Around Fly Around - Traditional Old-Time Tune"

    Long Black Veil Long Black Veil - Traditional folk song about love and loss - big time...

    Myah & The Goose Myah & The Goose - Original "modern mountain" banjo tune written by Bradford Carson

    Red-Haired Boy Red-Haired Boy - Traditional Celtic and Old-Time Tune

    The Road Back Home The Road Back Home - Original "modern mountain" banjo tune written by Bradford Carson and John Rollins

    Shenandoah Falls Shenandoah Falls - Traditional, old-time fiddle tune

    Snowdrop Snowdrop - Traditional, old-time banjo tune

    Spotted Pony Spotted Pony - Traditional Old-Time Tune"

    Texas Gales Texas Gales - Traditional Old-Time Tune"

    Walk In Peace Walk In Peace - Original, modern mountain banjo tune written by Bradford Carson

    Waynesboro Waynesboro - Traditional, old-time tune

    Whiskey Before Breakfast Whiskey Before Breakfast - Traditional fiddle tune made famous on guitar by Doc Watson

    Of course, this discussion led to the natural follow-on of "Hey! We've got almost enough tunes for a full CD - let's do that too!!". This led to our going ahead and recording some additional traditional tunes and originals in order to have at least 12 cuts on the CD (note - we ended up recording 16 tracks on the CD). Then came the time to pick a title for the CD (always a treat). We ended up with the working title of Them's Good Eatin'! and you can go there for the complete backstory, music clips and liner notes - we think it's worth the trip! We are in the final stages of the production run for the CD and, after catching and correcting a small error in the track listing, it should be available by the second week in July. In the mean-time, enjoy the sound clips above!!!

    Where We've Been

    The following section contains some summary discussion/phoitos of the places we've played arount Transylvania County, here in western NC.

    2016 WSQL Southern Exposure Kickoff Program

    Bradford Carson at Southern Exposure

    We were thrilled to be asked to play as part of the WSQL radio "Southern Exposure" summer musical program kickoff show this year. This 2-hour musical program is broadcast live each Saturday night from mid-June through mid-August and provides an insight to all the many musical groups within Transylvania and some of its neighboring counties. There was a wide variety this night with differing musical styles from Rock & Roll to Old-Time and Folk to Singer/Songwriter. It was a fun time for everyone there at the county courthouse outdoor gazeebo surrounded by audience in their lawnchairs and blankets with their family, friends and pets. We had great weather, a great audience and a great time; we can't wait to do it again! And a special "Thank You!" to Tom McGow for the photographs taken at that event that you see here - you rock!

    Raker john at Southern Exposure

    185 King Street

    Chicken-Fried Possum at 185 King Street

    We recently opened for the group Carolina Wray at 185 King Street to a small but appreciative audience and gave them a little of the old-time music and a few "modern mountain" originals before Laurel & The Love-In hit the stage. And they hit the stage RUNNING!!!

    The Phoenix Lounge

    Chicken-Fried Possum at The Phoenix Lounge

    We played a long gig at The Phoenix Lounge to celebrate Bradford's 10th birthday in February. He gets the benefit have having a February 29th birthdate - now that will keep you young!!! The Phoenix serves a wide variety of local-grown foods and has a full bar to match any dinner or palette - check them out!

    Wine Down On Main Street

    Chicken-Fried Possum at Wine Down On Main

    We've played several dates at this fine establishment - they are great, welcoming people who serve some delightful food and some great wine! Try them out if you haven't already...

    Brevard Farmers' Market

    Chicken-Fried Possum at the Brevard Farmers' Market

    The Brevard Farmers' Market is always a good time with many of our friends stopping by after their morning shopping to sit and spend a little time listening to the music and chatting a bit. Come join us!

    Brevard July 4th, 2015 Celebration

    Chicken-Fried Possum at the Brevard 2015Fourth of July Celebration

    This was the first event that we played as a defined duo. Though the band name was yet to be even discussed, we played a good, solid set at the Brevard Courthouse gazeebo just prior to the official 4th of July flag raising ceremony. It's events like this that drew me to this community...

    Final Thoughts

    Just for yuks, here's a short video taken by our friend Tom McGow during a performance we did with some of our friends under the band name of "The Flannel Pants" at the Phoenix Lounge here in Brevard.

    Please remember that your comments and suggestions are always welcomed. We take requests; we won't promise to play them but we'll take them, none the less... Keep those electronic cards and letters comin', folks!

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