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Welcome to the home page for WhoDat?, a casual collection of like-minded musicians based in Brevard, NC who value the pleasure of getting together to play old-time music more than spending hours of rehearsal to accomplish an over-produced and slick presentation. We call this "porch-pickin' presentation" which best describes how we play - just the way it was done by neighbors and friends for the last century or more. Even when the tunes become more recent the presentation remains the same. The music survived all that time so why mess with it?

Remaining 2012 calendar of appearances:

  • December 8, 3:30-5:00pm Mud Dabbers Annual Open House Party, Brevard, NC

    Hope to see many of you at one of more of the events this coming year!!!

    WhoDat? with Pat O'Connell 2012

    Mud Dabbers Pottery Open House 12/08/2012

    WhoDat? joined with several other local bands to provide music during the annual, 3-day, Mud Dabbers Pottery Open House event. During this weekend, the artisan who work at the Mud Dabber gallery make small cider cups which are given to attendees (both customers and band members) free of charge and also provide hot cider as well as a wide assortment of baked goods. This allows everyone to wander at their own pace through the gallery or go sit out in the pottery work room and listen to the live music. This was our second year for this event and we got to follow Celtic Conspiracy ( tinyurl.com/CeltCom ) which was an interesting segue from the Irish Traditional music into the Old-Time music which draws many of its roots from that source. We were also lucky to have Pat McConnell sit in with us on fiddle which made for some great fiddle harmonies on the slower tunes and some real driving melodies on the faster tunes. The audience seemed to really enjoy the music and were vary appreciative of our efforts, many staying to talk as we packed up for the day. In short, we had a great time and look forward to doing it again next year!!!

    Our Best Tip, Bike Carolina 2012

    Cycle North Carolina Celebration 09/29/2012

    We were happy to be part of the "Cycle North Carolina" celebrations in Brevard, NC on this final day of September This was the first year that the race drawing some 1200 cyclists from 35 states, two Canadian Provences, the United Kingdom and Russia has included Brevard - that it was chosen to be the starting point made it that much better! This year's route takes them from the mountains to the sea, travelling from 50-65 miles each day over the week-long race; the ages of the cyclists range from 5 to 84!

    We got to play on Main Street for the many participants, support team and friends as they roamed the downtown area of our little town and enjoyed an almost perfect Autumn day. There were many new faces and new conversations of "Where are you from?", "How do you like our town?" and compliments on the weather. The majority of comments heard by the business owners were about what a charming and welcoming community Brevard is - I can certainly attest to that!

    Over the hours we played the passing audience (and some that stayed the whole time) was great. They spent some time listening to the music, conversing with the group and, generally enjoying the day. Their appreciation for the music was demonstrated generously in the tip jar - but, perhaps, none more than by the young lady who got up from where she had been sitting on the sidewalk as we began to pack up in the fading evening light and gave us this after reciting it. It is a true gift from the heart and one that embodies the true spirit of why we play music in the first place - it's simply thebest "tip" we've ever received and we wish her well ...

    Founders Day: 09/02/2012

    Founders Day, Transylvania County Heritage Museum 2012

    WhoDat? was proud to be selected to play at the Transylvania County Heritage Museum for their Founders' Day celebration this year (2012) along with several other of the County's local bands, The East Fork Gals, Lynn Goldsmith & Jeter Mountain Band, The Blue Ridge Bakery Boys and The Hogtown Squealers. It was a fine day and the audience was very appreciative of the music and fine weather that held for all but the last group. We were very happy to be joined by John Austin on mandolin who shared his wonderful musical talents with us along with his humor and friendship. It's alway nice to have him join us and we try to include him whenever possible - the more, the merrier!!!\

    Founders' Day is a celebration of the origins of the county and the Heritage Museum has some fine exhibits of the early days and the lifestyle of those early settlers. There are some wonderful photographs, captivating accounts of the formation of industry and commerce and examples of the homestead way of life as well. The gift shop has numerous books and magazines for those wanting more detailed information regarding specific area of the counties history and is a good place to shop for that "out-of-the-ordinary" item for the holidays (hint, hint)!

    We hope everyone that attended had as much fun as we did and we hope to play the event next year as well. See you there!!!

    Land of Waterfalls Art Gallery: 03/10/2012

    Land of Waterfalls Art Gallery 2012

    WhoDat? began playing together at the Land of Waterfalls Art Gallery in March of 2012. It was a very loose group of friends that got together to pick a few tunes on the porch of the gallery to celebrate their first open house of the year and show the work of some of the new studuents attending Brevard College. While the sun was warm and inviting, the breeze was still a strong reminder of winter - hence, some of the postures of the players between tunes. Even so, it was a wonderful early-Spring day with promise for the coming year.

    In any event, we all had a good time and it seems a lot of the students and other attendees did too so we look forward to playing again in the coming year (though probably not outdoors for a while). Thanks to you all that came by to cheer us on - you make it worth while. Stay tuned for future news and notices!

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    Please remember that your comments and suggestions are always welcomed. We take requests; we don't promise to play them but we take them, none the less... Keep those electronic cards and letters comin', folks!

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