The Autoharp Collection

Welcome to Bozo's autoharp collection web page... if this is not where you intended to go, you still have time to get out now...

As you can see, this is a "work in progress" page so I hope you'll forgive the mess and stick around a while, looking at the autoharps in my personal collection.

Autoharp Collection

Back in 2004, during my bout with eosinophylic pneumonosis (a rare form of pheumonia for which they know no specific cause) and its subsequent treatment with prednisone, I was, well, let's just say a little (or more) "distracted/disturbed/distraught" - or just plain crazy. I think it had something to do with realizing my own mortality and thinking I could offset it by having things that required my attention to them. Somehow, the focus got placed on autoharps. I acquired quite a few, some of which are in mint condition and others that require more than a little "fixing up". But this was going to be one of my activities in retirement so I figured I would have a lot of time to devote to this. I'm not sure I'll ever have enough time for all of these...

The Acoustics

OS 15-Bar Appalachian Model - Abby OS 12-Bar Model a - Beanie OS 21-Bar Bird's-Eye Maple Model B - Birdy OS 12-Bar Model A - Blackie Silvertone 12-Bar Model A - Blondie OS 12-Bar Model A - Igor OS 12-Bar Model A - Dauphne OS 12-Bar Model A - Frankenstein Silvertone 15-Bar Model A - Igor OS 21-Bar Sunburst Model B - Lulu OS 12-Bar Model A - Ratboy OS 15-Bar Rosewood Model B - Rosie OS 12-Bar Model A - Roy OS 21-Bar Model B - Philip OS 21-Bar Sunburst Model B - Sunny OS 15-Bar Model B - T-Bone OS 12-Bar Rosewood Model B - Virginia OS 12-Bar Bird's-Eye Maple Model B - Woody 2003 OS73C Late 1800s guitar-harp - Victoria OS 12-Bar Model As - Larry, Curley & Moe OS 15-Bar Guitarro - The Dude Late 1800s Zither - Zep

The Electrics

OS 15-Bar Electric Model B - Elbert Silvertone 15-Bar Electric Model B & Amp-case - Jimi OS 21-Bar Bird's-Eye Maple Model B w/ pickups - Birdy OS 21-Bar OSC21 Model - Oscar

That's about all the autoharps for now; as always, you can send your comments and suggestions (maybe other, related links I might enjoy) to the address below... Have fun!


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