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The Taylors - 2000 Taylor XXV-DR # 489

The Taylor XXV-DR pictured below is the second of the two 25th Anniversary dreadnaughts that I bought. It was purchased from an individual who was upgrading his equipment and no longer had a need for the instrument. Having been so pleasantly surprised by the tone and playability of my other XXV-DR, I made a deal to buy this one, which already had an L.R. Baggs pickup system installed in it; this meant that I didn't have to install one in my other XXV-DR to have an amplified version. However, there was a lot more fretwear on this particular example which made it play less well than my other one. For this reason, I have spent less time playing this one than the other and may well part with it if the opportunity arises.

In case you did not already read the specifications of this model on my other page, here they are again... The specifications of these guitars is getting harder to find on the Taylor website with each passing day and I am not sure why. It is the dreadnaught body shape and size, the back and sides are caramel-stained Sapele (from Africa, I believe) and the top is Sitka Spruce. The ebony fingerboard has no fret markers other than the Florentine XXV ornamation around the 12th fret. No pickguard is affixed to clutter the top or restrict its ability to vibrate freely. The soundhole rosette is a variety of woods in a Celtic knot-like design. The tuners used are Grover's with ebony knobs, the nut is 1-11/16 inches wide (but feels wider) and the neck contour is a rounded C-shape rather than the ultra-slim profile of the earlier guitars. No electronics are present from the factory but this one has the L.R. Baggs system installed and the controls can be seen in the second and third pictures below.

And now for the pictures (click to enlarge):

2000 Taylor XXV-DR Front 2000 Taylor XXV-DR Soundhole Rosette 2000 Taylor XXV-DR Pickup Controls 2000 Taylor XXV-DR Label 2000 Taylor XXV-DR Fretboard Inlay 2000 Taylor XXV-DR Guitar & Case

The guitar came in the original Taylor hardshell case which is in very good condition with the previous owner's last name on it. Care to guess what I named the guitar??

So concludes the presentation of my 1999 Taylor XXV-DR number 489. Feel free to contact me with any questions and/or comments. *8o)

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