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The Taylors - 2000 Taylor XXV-DR # 449

The Taylor XXV-DR pictured below is the first of the two 25th Anniversary dreadnaughts that I bought. It was purchased from an individual who had, unfortunately, left it sitting on a guitar stand in his Minnesota office in the dead of winter for an entire weekend. When he arrived at the office the following Monday, the damage was already apparent; both the top and back had split due to the heat in the building creating a ultra-low humidity environment to occur. (That's his story and he's sticking to it.) Fortunately, the anniversary models all came with a lifetime warrantee so he packed it up and shipped it back to the factory where they rehumidified the guitar and then repaired/stabilized the cracks in the top and back, the only areas effected. They then returned the instrument to him, along with some "proper care" pamphlets and emphasized the need for maintaining a proper humidity setting for the guitar. I guess he felt he would not be able to reliably maintain such a humidity level and decided to sell the instrument instead. Needless to say, the value of it was severely depressed so I was able to obtain a Taylor milestone instrument at a somewhat bargain price. It turns out that this particular instrument does not suffer in the least from its catastrophic care - it is a boomer! Aside from the repaired areas, the guitar is in excellent condition with very little visible wear. I tend to keep it tuned in DADGAD tuning using medium-guage strings because that seems to be what it really likes. Deep lows come bellowing out and yet do not overpower the simmering, crystaline highs or rich mid-tones. This is one of their best models, in my estimation.

The specifications of these guitars is getting harder to find on the Taylor website with each passing day and I am not sure why. It is the dreadnaught body shape and size, the back and sides are caramel-stained Sapele (from Africa, I believe) and the top is Sitka Spruce. The ebony fingerboard has no fret markers other than the Florentine XXV ornamation around the 12th fret. No pickguard is affixed to clutter the top or restrict its ability to vibrate freely. The soundhole rosette is a variety of woods in a Celtic knot-like design. The tuners used are Grover's with ebony knobs, the nut is 1-11/16 inches wide (but feels wider) and the neck contour is a rounded C-shape rather than the ultra-slim profile of the earlier guitars. No electronics are present.

And now for the pictures (click to enlarge):

2000 Taylor XXV-DR Front & Case 2000 Taylor XXV-DR Back & Case 2000 Taylor XXV-DR Bridge & Saddle 2000 Taylor XXV-DR Soundhole Rosette 2000 Taylor XXV-DR Label 2000 Taylor XXV-DR Lower Fretboard 2000 Taylor XXV-DR Fretboard Inlay 2000 Taylor XXV-DR Fretboard 2000 Taylor XXV-DR Headstock 2000 Taylor XXV-DR Tuners 2000 Taylor XXV-DR Back of Neck

The guitar came in the original Taylor hardshell case which is in mint condition. Along with the guitar and case, I received the lifetime warranty card and the letter and literature returned with the guitar from the factory. No value, other than the warranty, can be assigned to these but it is interesting memorabilia to have on hand.

So concludes the presentation of my 2000 Taylor XXV-DR number 449, a real treat for both eye and ear. Feel free to contact me with any questions and/or comments. *8o)

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