The Taylor Guitars - 1992 Taylor 855

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The Taylors - 1992 Taylor 855

My 1992 Taylor 855 is typical of the earlier rosewood-bodied 12-strings with its evenly grained rosewood back and sides, bound, super-slim profile mahogany neck and Sitka Spruce top. This example has simple split-diamonds as fret markers rather than the later 800-series markers. The bound headstock is unadorned other than for the Taylor name. Gold Shaller mini-tuners are used. This model has a undersaddle pickup system installed for amplified playing. The specifications for this guitar are listed on the Taylor Guitars website under the 12-string section for the body dimensions, etc. (17 inches wide at the lower bout).

The tone produced is what you would expect from a rosewood-bodied 12-string with its deep projection and bright, clear tonality. The highs have the same bell-like quality that Taylors have become known for and the playability is beyond compare. This 12-string is only slightly more difficult to play than the easiest of my 6-string guitars. The neck profile assists this but the low action accounts for most of it. This guitar is in excellent condition with only minor playing wear and no fret wear.

And now for the pictures (click to enlarge):

1992 Taylor 855 Front 1992 Taylor 855 Guitar and Case 1992 Taylor 855 Back 1992 Taylor 855 Headstock 1992 Taylor 855 Front 1992 Taylor 855 Guitar in Case 1992 Taylor 855 Side 1992 Taylor 855 Strings

The guitar came in the original Taylor hardshell case which is in excellent condition as well. The last picture shown above is of the novel tuning peg windings on the guitar when it arrived at my house. I wonder if the previous owner had any tuning issues that affected his decision to sell the guitar? Oh, well...

So concludes the presentation of my 1992 Taylor 855 guitar. Feel free to contact me with any questions and/or comments. *8o)

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