The Taylor Guitars - 1988 Taylor 815

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The Taylors - 1988 Taylor 815

This guitar is another of my "performance" guitars in that I have no qualms about taking it out and using it in public settings. It has been used and abused (at least once) in its lifetime but does not suffer for it it terms of tone or volume. This model is one of the statesmen of the Taylor guitar heritage and is a fine example of that.

This 815, made in 1988, has the super-slim neck profile that I have become so fond of.

The specifications for this guitar may or may not be listed on the Taylor Guitars website under the Jumbo style of guitar; since they no longer make 6-strings in this style you would have to consult the 12-string section for the body dimensions, etc. (17 inches wide at the lower bout). The back and sides are made of Indian Rosewood and has wonderful grain throughout. The top is Sitka spruce and the neck is made from a single piece of mahogany. The fret markers are the early, split-diamond inlays and the headstock is plain except for the Taylor name; there are no electronics in this instrument. The top shows a repaired crack running along side the fretboard on the upper bout - this is stable and shows no sign of reopening. The tone produced is what you would expect from a rosewood Jumbo - full and robust with deep overtones and harmonics. I usually have this guitar tuned to DADGAD tuning as the tone lends itself to the darker instrumentals.

This is an example of a working instrument in very good condition, regardless of the repaired damage. It has that full, rosewood sound that compliments vocals and other accompaniment and is suitable to both flat-picking and fingerstyle playing. It is a joy to play due to the low action and the slim profile neck.

And now for the pictures (click to enlarge):

1988 Taylor 815 Guitar in Case 1988 Taylor 815 Back 1988 Taylor 815 Side View 1988 Taylor 815 Repaired Top Crack 1988 Taylor 815 Fretboard 1988 Taylor 815 Headstock 1988 Taylor 815 Tuners 1988 Taylor 815 Soundhole Rosette 1988 Taylor 815 Front View 1988 Taylor 815 Front View 1988 Taylor 815 Back 1988 Taylor 815 Upper Fretboard 1988 Taylor 815 Upper Fretboard 1988 Taylor 815 Label 1988 Taylor 815 Side 1988 Taylor 815 Side/Back

The guitar came in the original Taylor hardshell case which is in very good condition as well.

So concludes the presentation of my 1988 Taylor 815 guitar. Feel free to contact me with any questions and/or comments. *8o)

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