The Taylor Guitars - 2003 Taylor 655

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The Taylors - 2003 Taylor 655

My 2003 Taylor 655 is typical of the later maple-bodied 12-strings with its unstained, almost white, maple sides and 3-piece back, more rounded but slim profile mahogany neck and Sitka Spruce top. This example has the standard 600-series fret markers but the headstock is unadorned other than for the Taylor name. Gold Grover mini-tuners are used. This model has no electonics installed for amplified playing. The specifications for this guitar are listed on the Taylor Guitars website under the 12-string section for the body dimensions, etc. (17 inches wide at the lower bout).

The tone produced is what you would expect from the later model, maple-bodied 12-strings from Taylor. The revoiced bracing provides a slightly larger sound that its predecessors; it still has a punchy projection and bright, clear tonality but has a little more volume than my earlier model. Though not quite as easy to play as my 1990 655, (probably due to my not having it set up for my playing style) this 655 12-string is only slightly more difficult to play than some of my other 12-string guitars. The more rounded neck profile does not contribute to any difficulty as it is comfortable and not overly wide; string height is more the issue and is easily correctable.

This guitar is in mint condition with no visible playing or fret wear. The matching, original Taylor hardshell case is in mint condition as well.

And now for the pictures (click to enlarge):

1990 Taylor 655 Back 1990 Taylor 655 Headstock 1990 Taylor 655 Front 1990 Taylor 655 Label 2003 Taylor 655 Front Body 2003 Taylor 655 Pickguard

Price: $1950.00 plus flat rate $50.00 shipping & insurance (required)

So concludes the presentation of my 2003 Taylor 655 guitar. Feel free to contact me with any questions and/or comments. *8o)

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