October 16, 1996

Here we are again, preparing to end our year of SCCA racing at the Homestead Motorsports Complex. For those of you that missed it last year let me say you really did miss an event to remember. The attempt to make the course safer by installing a false chicane on the second infield straight failed miserably. Thankfully, both Ralph Sanchez and the SCCA stewards recognized the failing and eliminated the chicane for Sunday’s races. This will be the course run during the November 9-10 weekend (these are the correct dates, trust me...).

But wait, the Homestead event is NOT the last SCCA Vintage event of the year! This year we will be providing the support races for the “Longest Night” 24-Hour race at Moroso Motorsports Park on December 28th!!! The current schedule includes a 10-minute warm-up, a 20-minute qualifying session and a 12-lap race - all completed no later than 1:30pm!!! For this event, the SCCA competition license requirement has been waived and competition licenses from any recognized sanctioning body, including Porsche and BMW clubs, will be accepted. This might be an opportunity to take part in the weekend of racing for those not currently running with us in SCCA. Just remember, the car must be prepared to SCCA acceptable specifications - if in doubt, call me.

This time of year we also select our recipient of the “Spirit of Vintage Competition” award which honors an individual for their contributions to the sport as an active participant. This person may be a driver, crew, official or worker - basically the person who best personifies the spirit of Vintage competitions. Past recipients Sandra Jackson, John Rollins and Meredydd Franke are ineligible but that leaves a world of possibilities to choose from; I can think of at least eight participants right off the top of my head that are worthy of this award! As a past recipient, let me say that this is perhaps the highest honor that can be bestowed on one of our ranks. Coming from the other drivers, it means a LOT!!! So this is our annual opportunity to show someone that their efforts, attitude and actions have not only been noticed but appreciated as well. You will find the ballot enclosed - please fill it out and return it to me no later than November 2, 1996. This will provide me with enough time to get things organized.

I am still waiting to hear from the membership regarding the publication of a “participant directory” which would list those who have or are still participating in the SCCA Vintage program. This directory could then be obtained from me by any other SCCA Vintage participant; those wishing NOT to have their address and/or phone numbers published would be required to contact me to ensure the removal of this data from the directory. In the past, those people needing phone numbers have just called me. While this works, it sometimes involves delays due to my work schedule, etc. Let me know your thoughts.

The reverse side contains the 1997 SCCA Events calendar as I know it now. For other related information, visit my Web Page at http://www.netcom.com/~nobozos/ and look in the menu for motorsports related items. Hope to see you all at Homestead - don’t forget to mail your ballots early!!!


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