Randy Cook

Each year the participating body of the Florida Region SCCA Vintage Program votes for the individual who, in their opinion, most exemplifies the true spirit of Vintage Competition. This individual may be a driver, crew member or anyone associated with the SCCA Vintage Program that has personified the Vintage Spirit in conduct and actions. This award may only be received once by any single person so it is, perhaps, the most prestigious award the Vintage Program can bestow on an individual; it is the one I treasured most.

This year I am proud to announce that another excellent choice has been made in the selection of Randy Cook (on the right in the picture above) as the 1999 award recipient. Randy has been involved in racing longer than he'll admit and has served several terms as the Central Florida Region Vintage Race Coordinator. Sadly, he has recently moved to Watkins Glen, NY but we hope to see him during the winter months and look forward to having him in our group again. I chose the picture above for two reasons, first because it shows Randy accepting the Spirit of Vintage Competition Trophy and, secondly, because he said this is one of the only pictures of him in front of my Porsche!

Congratulations to Randy on his receiving this award!


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