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Demo Tape Notes

Welcome to Raker john's 70s Demo Tape page! This page is provided as a source of historical reference as to the original form of many of Raker john's "middle period" songs. They were recorded in his home studio in Wilmington, Massachusetts and, later, Bedford New Hampshire. Some of the song fragments were later recorded in Delray Beach, Florida - again, in his home studio.

So here you have the earliest recording of some of my songs as they were being finalized and different instrumentation was being experimented with. All instruments and vocals are done by yours truly so I hope you forgive some of the shortcomings. It takes me back to a much earlier time and place everytime I listen to these and maybe that will come through to you as well - enjoy!!! Raker john


These are the demo recordings of Raker john's original material written in the 1970s and its content and style is probably best left undiscussed (see the CD Liner Notes Page for this). Still, as historical reference (if nothing else) they provided the source for the, the more "polished" renditions recorded some 30+ years later. Alot has changed in that time, including perspective, so these versions for those few "hard-core" followers (I can only think of 4 of you). This represents the music I wrote between 1971 and 1983 which I choose to refer to as my "middle period".

The Demo Tracks Themselves

Bit Banger's Blues Bit Banger's Blues - Cambridge, MA 1971

Time To See Time To See - Cambridge, MA 1972

All Of The Songs All Of The Songs (Were For You) - Wilmington, MA 1973

Lovers' Lullaby Lovers' Lullaby - Cambridge, MA 1971

Mithril Suite Mithril Suite - Wilmington, MA 1975

Song For Linda Song For Linda - Wilmington, MA 1976

Moment Of Bliss Moment Of Bliss - Bedford, NH 1978 with lyrics by Michael Callahan

After His Seabag's Gone After His Seabag's Gone - Bedford, NH 1978 with lyrics by Michael Callahan

United/Florida United/Florida - Delray Beach, FL 1981 - with Freddie Tane

Way more to come - stay tuned!!!

Final Thoughts

Please remember that your comments and suggestions are always welcomed. I take requests; I won't promise to play them but I'll take them, none the less... Keep those electronic cards and letters comin', folks!

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