Morriss Holliday

Each year the participating body of the Florida Region SCCA Vintage Program votes for the individual who, in their opinion, most exemplifies the true spirit of Vintage Competition. This individual may be a driver, crew member or anyone associated with the SCCA Vintage Program that has personified the Vintage Spirit in conduct and actions. This award may only be received once by any single person so it is, perhaps, the most prestigious award the Vintage Program can bestow on an individual; it is the one I treasure most.

This year I am proud to announce that another excellent choice has been made in the selection of Morriss Holliday (on the right in the picture above) as the year 2001 award recipient. Morriss has been an active participant of the Vintage Program for the past 7 years and a regular EVSCC Solo competitor for many years before that. He races a 1968 Porsche 911 that he has developed from a neglected street car and has tailored to his needs. Morriss and his wife, Chris, can be found around the paddock just socializing or performing a variety of jobs for the Club. We are proud and glad to call him one of our own and hope he accepts the year 2001 award as our token of appreciation and admiration. It is people like Morriss that keep this sport alive and, most of all, FUN!!!

Hope you come and join us at the track sometime soon - come join the fun!


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