The Electric Guitars - 2000 Kramer SKB300 Bass

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The Electrics - 2000 Kramer SKB300 Bass

This instrument was purchased as a Christmas present for my wife, Rocky, when she thought she wanted to play bass and become a rock star. It was previously owned by a coworker and racing friend, Paul Gatenby, from Jupiter, FL. He has subsequently asked several times if I'm interested in selling it back to him as he has been unable to find a suitable replacement! So far, I have declined...

Anyway, back to Rocky's bass; as far as I remember, she never played it after picking it up, feeling the weight and testing the pressure of the strings. (Good thing she never tried to execute and 3-fret chordal span!) I guess electric bass is really not a good instrument for a 5'1" small-framed female...

As you can see, this instrument is in original condition.

There was no case for the instrument so I had to buy a padded gig bag for it at the local music store. At least it keeps the insects and small chidren away from the bass!

And now for the pictures (click to enlarge):

2000 Kramer SKB300 Bass - Front View 2000 Kramer SKB300 Bass - Rear View 2000 Kramer SKB300 Bass - Head Stock 2000 Kramer SKB300 Bass - Tuners 2000 Kramer SKB300 Bass - Body 2000 Kramer SKB300 Bass - Body 3/4 View 2000 Kramer SKB300 Bass - Back 2000 Kramer SKB300 Bass - Back 3/4 View

So concludes the presentation of my 2000 Kramer SKB300 Bass guitar. Feel free to contact me with any questions and/or comments.


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