The Guild Guitars - 1965 Guild M-20

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The Guilds - 1965 Guild M-20

My second guild guitar wasn't acquired until 1978 when, while working in NYC, I decided I needed a guitar for the company apartment so I could play while sI was away from my home (and all of my guitars). So, while out on one of my treks through the music district, I came across a 1965 Guild M-20 "parlor" guitar. It was perfect for what I needed, small, light weight and not as loud as dreadnaughts or Jumbos. I kept it in the NYC apartment until summer when I took it back to NH with me so I could use it at Lake Winnepesaukee during weekend vacations with friends.

The tone produced by this "parlor-sized" guitar is surprisingly big. It has a fairly bright tone due to the all-mahogany construction (in addition to the small size) and great clarity and separation of the individual notes. I have read where this was the "guitar of choice" for recording by many of the early fingerstyle players like Renbourne, Jansch, Drake, etc. and I can see why.

In the late '70s, I decided to update the tuners and installed gold Shallers since they were more accurate and I liked how the mahogany body highlighted the gold hardware. That is the only change made to this guitar. The neck is straight, true and unbound and has a 1-11/16 inch nut; the fingerboard is rosewood.

And now for the pictures (click to enlarge):

1965 Guild M-20 Front 1965 Guild M-20 Headstock 1965 Guild M-20 Back 1965 Guild M-20 Tuners 1965 Guild M-20 Back Neck Joint 1965 Guild M-20 Soundhole 1965 Guild M-20 Body