Gordon Drysdale

Each year the participating body of the Florida Region SCCA Vintage Program votes for the individual who, in their opinion, most exemplifies the true spirit of Vintage Competition. This individual may be a driver, crew member or anyone associated with the SCCA Vintage Program that has personified the Vintage Spirit in conduct and actions. This award may only be received once by any single person so it is the most prestigious award the Vintage Program can bestow on an individual.

This year I am proud to announce that the ballots have selected an outstanding individual from our ranks in the personage of Gordon Drysdale (on the right in the picture above) as the year 2002 award recipient. (No, he did NOT also get the tow vehicle behind us!) Gordon has been active in the Vintage Program for the past 2 years on a regular basis and has made great progress in his yellow Lynx Formula V. He now has Mike Jackson paying attention to his mirrors when he isn't already trying to catch Gordon! With Gordon, racing has become a family affair as his wife Beverly can be found on working corners when she isn't helping with the car. His daughter, Ashley, has lately become a regular in the T&S quarters of both Regions. We are happy to to have Gordon and his family as part of our small "community" and hope he accepts the year 2002 award as our token of appreciation and admiration. Congratulations, Gordon, on an award well deserved!!!

Hope you come and join us at the track sometime soon - come join the fun!


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