The Gibson Guitars - 1977 Les Paul Custom

The Gibson Guitars - 1977 White Les Paul Custom

My single solidbody model is a 1977 Les Paul Custom which is stamped as a factory "second". (The original serial number of 72497508 can be made out under the paint.) Close inspection of the body reveals a filled hole where the neck pickup tone knob access point was mis-drilled and a small finish crack that has developed from that repair. It's white finish has now turned a creamy yellow in color and I installed push-pull tone/phase pots and pickups to add to the flexibility of tone (the original pots/pickups have been saved of course). In terms of playability, the ebony neck is very fast and easy to play; the sound is, well, pure Les Paul.

This is the only Les Paul I have ever owned so I'm at a loss to say whether it's a great one, a good one or a lemon. It's even harder to say since I've changed the pickups and controls for push-pull effects back in '79 or '80. I still have the original pickups and controls so I could return it to its original condition without any difficulty. The original, fat Gibson "punch" is still there and the sustain is incredible - but, then, so is the weight of the guitar.

So, with that bit of history given, here are the pictures!

The black hardshell case appears to be a plain, aftermarket case and not one supplied by Gibson.

That is the story on the Les Paul - feel free to contact me with questions/comments, at your convenience... *8o)

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