The Electric Guitars - 198? ESP Semi-Hollowbody

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The Electrics - 198? ESP Semi-Hollowbody

I believe this was my first eBay instrument purchase. It was Rocky's birthday present to me on my 60th so that would make it in January of 2004 (just before my diagnosis). It is an "odd" instrument in terms of its dimensions and appointments and I have been unable to find any similar example anywhere on ESP's website or in perusing the online auctions. I would very much like to know more about this instrument if anyone has any additional information or reference sites.

I believe the sides and neck are mahogany, the back and top are maple(?), the fretboard is rosewood and the fret markers are custom made designs from mother of pearl (MOP). The headstock is surprisingly plain with only a simple MOP rectangle for decoration. The neck and headstock are bound, as is the body, in a faux tortoise-shell plastic. The tuners are older chrome Grovers which compliment the other appointments. The guitar has the basic shape of the Gibson ES style guitars but is about and inch or more deeper. There is a solid wood sustain block running through the guitar which adds sustain ... and weight! While not as heavy as the Les Paul, this is still a fairly heavy guitar.

The tone and playability of this instrument are surprisingly good. The action is very low (as I like it) and the tone has more "punch" than you'd normally get from a ES style body; this may have to do with the additional weight and/or deeper body which could add more bass resonance. Either way, it is a fun guitar to play and really looks great with the custom inlay in the fretboard. Now if there was just some way to make the headstock more like the fretboard...

The case appears to be the original case as it shows considerable wear.

And now for the pictures (click to enlarge):

198? ESP ES-Style - Front View 198? ESP ES-Style - Body Front 198? ESP ES-Style - Body Back 198? ESP ES-Style - Back of Neck 198? ESP ES-Style - Tuners 198? ESP ES-Style - Neck Joint 198? ESP ES-Style - Fretboard Inlays 198? ESP ES-Style - Top 198? ESP ES-Style - Top 198? ESP ES-Style - Guitar Case

So concludes the presentation of my ESP ES-style electric guitar. Feel free to contact me with any questions and/or comments. As mentioned, any additional information about this guitar or others of the same make/model would be greatly appreciated.


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