No Bozos Racing - 1965 Porsche 911

The Transport Awaits The Farewell, Brevard, NC, March 24, 2018 The Loading Secured

The Final Farewell

This was a bittersweet day for Rocky and me. We had found a great new owner who we knew would provide the best of care, usage and maintenance/restoration for the 1965 Porsche 911 that I'd owned since 1985 but, also, we had to say "Goodbye". It was a cold, gloomy day as we pulled in behind the transporter and were greeted by the driver, Sid, who I immediately liked because he understood that this was a family member we were entrusting to his care. Sid let me drive the car onto the lift and then into the tranport itself before killing the ignition for the last time. Rocky was already tearing up so I felt it best to thank Sid for his kindness and care, take one last picture as he secured our precious cargo and then head back home knowing the Blue Meanie would see better days ahead. May it see good weather and dry roads. Auf Wiedersehen!

Thelma & The Blue Meanie, Brevard, NC, July 2012

1965 Porsche 911

This car was originally purchased in 1985 from John Kendrick of Coral Gables, FL who had rebuilt it for use in autocrossing. However, before he was totally done with the rebuilding he acquired a Super Vee which became is "go to" car for autocrossing and he contacted me to see if I had any interest in the Porsche. Of course I said I'd like to see it and test drive it when it became available and that happened in February of 1985. I really liked the car and what John had done to prepare it for both street and autocross use so we got together and John simply sold it to me for what he had in the car (less a lot of his time, I'm guessing...). This allowed me to focus the preparation of Thelma (1970 Porsche 911ST) for use in Vintage Racing events while the '65 took over the autocrossing duties. I drove this car to many, many championships in South Florida (SCCA, PCA and local sports car club series) and to second place overall in the 1990 Porsche Parade in Boston where is was sponsored by Brumos Porsche. It is still a very fast, competitive car.

Chassis Plate

What This Car Has

Kardex sheetThis car has all matching serial numbers as described in the letter of authenticity from the office of Jurgen Barth. The transmission is the original unit and has the "mountain gear set" which is a close-ratio set. The engine is the original case though it has been line-bored to 2.7 specifications and has the matching pistons and cylinders. The heads have been flowed and ported and the current carburation is Weber IDA 40mm. Ignition is MSD (I may have the original CD box). The wood dashboard remains intact. I believe the guages are original.

Last PCA Parade Appearance - 2003

What This Car Does NOT Have

The bodywork and suspension for this car has been heavily modified for its intended purpose. Basically, the suspension is 1985 vintage with aluminum trailing arms cut and shortened for the shorter wheelbase; the brakes are of the same vintage ('85). The front fenders are from a later model 911 (small flares), the rear flares are fiberglass, the front and rear bumpers are fiberglass and the interior and seats have been updated. The gas tank is incorrect (later year space-saver spare version) and the brake cylinder has been updated to dual-cylinder specs (I may have the original). I believe the window frames are from a later year model as well. The radio is non-original. The engine air cleaners are K&N.

Current Pictures - 2017

What This Car Looks Like NOW

I recently got the oppoortunity to take some pictures of the car - you can click on the pictures below to get a full-frame image of each...


DSCN4808 DSCN4809 DSCN4810 DSCN4788 DSCN4793 DSCN4789 DSCN4792 DSCN4794 DSCN4790 DSCN4795 DSCN4796 DSCN4797 DSCN4798 DSCN4799 DSCN4800 DSCN4801 DSCN4802 DSCN4803 DSCN4804 DSCN4805 DSCN4806 DSCN4807 DSCN4786 DSCN4787

Engine Compartment

DSCN4812 DSCN4813 DSCN4814 DSCN4815 DSCN4816 DSCN4817 DSCN4817 DSCN4817 DSCN4817 DSCN4817 DSCN4817 DSCN4817 DSCN4817 DSCN4817 DSCN4817 DSCN4817 DSCN4817 DSCN4817 DSCN4817 DSCN4817


DSCN4901 DSCN4858 DSCN4850 DSCN4860 DSCN4861 DSCN4862 DSCN4863 DSCN4864 DSCN4865 DSCN4866 DSCN4867 DSCN4869 DSCN4872 DSCN4871 DSCN4873 DSCN4874 DSCN4875 DSCN4876 DSCN4877 DSCN4878 DSCN4879 DSCN4880 DSCN4881 DSCN4897 DSCN4898 DSCN4899 DSCN4900 DSCN4882 DSCN4902


DSCN4818 DSCN4883 DSCN4884 DSCN4885 DSCN4886 DSCN4887 DSCN4888 DSCN4889 DSCN4890 DSCN4891 DSCN4892 DSCN4893 DSCN4894 DSCN4895

Sorry - this car has been SOLD...

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